Curling Feature on Songs of Praise Sunday 18 August

To mark its 850th anniversary, Sally Magnusson visits Paisley’s impressive abbey for traditional hymns and songs, discovers the origins of the world-famous pattern and tries her hand at curling.

Sally and her team joined The Royal Caledonian Curling Club at The Peak in Stirling in June to film the short curling feature for this episode of Songs of Praise which will be broadcast this Sunday 18th August at 5pm on BBC One.

Also contributing to the programme is RCCC National Coaching Officer, Lynne MacKenzie, who as well as taking Sally through the basics of  the game explained how the history of the sport is linked to Paisley Abbey. The earliest known written description of a game of Curling was written in 1540 and described a challenge made by John Sclater, a Monk at Paisley Abbey, to a contest throwing stones over the ice with a man named Gavin Hamilton, a representative of the Abbot. took Sally through the basics of the game delivering and sweeping stones on ice and will appear in an interview with the presenter.

For full programme details visit BBC One – Songs of Praise.

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