Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association (SWCA)

The Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association (SWCA) is an organisation which works in association with Scottish Curling to promote Wheelchair Curling in Scotland. For more information, including meetings minutes, see the SWCA website

SWCA – Aims

  1. To co-ordinate, develop and promote Wheelchair Curling among people with a disability in Scotland.
  2. To strengthen and extend the network of Wheelchair Curling Clubs throughout Scotland.
  3. To raise the profile of Wheelchair Curling in Scotland and beyond.
  4. To develop Coaches and Officials to help with the growth and development of Wheelchair Curling.
  5. To take a lead role in the development and promotion of opportunities for disabled people to participate in the Sport of Wheelchair Curling.
  6. The SWCA recognises the strategic aims of Scottish Curling, the National Governing Body for the Sport of Curling in Scotland, namely:

We want Scottish Curling to be a Sport which is strong and growing in local communities around Scotland, where friendship and sportsmanship counts and that is successful on the world stage.

SWCA Membership

Full membership will be open to Wheelchair Curling Clubs which are members of Scottish Curling. Individual membership will be open to any person having an interest in Wheelchair Curling and who does not have access to any full Member Club.

Member Clubs

South Lanarkshire


SWCA Constitution

Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association (SWCA) Constitution

SWCA Committee 2017-2018

Position Role Description
Honorary President Kate Caithness
Chairperson Click here Rosemary Lenton
Vice Chairperson Click here Alison Hopkins
Secretary Click here Mary Bell
Treasurer Click here Rosemary Miller
South Clubs Representative Click here Brian Park
North Club Representative Click here Jacky McLaren
SDS Representative Gavin Macleod
Scottish Curling Representative Click here Helen Kallow
Competitions Convenor Gill Keith
National Coach Sheila Swan
Minutes Secretary (Co-opted) Maureen Griffiths


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