Vision Impaired Curling

Curler trying out sight loss simulation glasses

Have you stopped curling because of deteriorating sight but would like to participate again?  Do you have a vision impairment and are interested in trying a new activity?  Are you interested in introducing Vision Impaired Curling to your area or undertaking the Coaching Vision Impaired Curling Coaching Module?  If so, we would like to hear from you!

Though many may assume that it would be near impossible to curl with a vision impairment, it has proved to be a sport that can be mastered by effort, coupled with clear communication and teamwork.  Vision Impaired Curling is a fast growing discipline throughout the world’s curling nations.

In October 2010 we were privileged to host the first International Conference on Vision Impaired Curling, we were delighted that 3 delegates made the long trip from Canada to attend the Conference and share their knowledge with us. It has been established in Canada for over 30 years and it has many clubs throughout the country.  The Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championships is held annually and in 2011 seven teams participated representing 6 different provinces.

There is currently one dedicated club for Curlers with a vision impairment, The VICKs (Vision Impaired Curlers, Kinross). Dottie Burt and the team at Kinross have been instrumental in promoting Vision Impaired Curling in Scotland. Some young people from Uddingston Grammar with a vision impairment enjoy curling at Hamilton Ice Rink and a couple of other multi-impairment clubs cater for members with a wide range of impairments/disabilities. They are Scottish Disability Golf and Curling Club and the Kirkcaldy Inclusive Curling Club. We are always keen to hear from potential new members. With more vision impaired curlers, we can begin to build up a competition structure and pathway.

e-learning course Coaching People with a Visual Impairment

This generic course is offered by UK coaching and introduces people to sight conditions, guiding and communicating and adapting your sessions.

Cost £7.49



In the 2017/18 season a new course for coaches was developed and run by Scottish Curling to try to increase the number of coaches with the skills and confidence to coach curlers with a vision impairment. We hope to have similar courses in forthcoming seasons, whenever there is demand. For more information or to request a course, contact Helen Kallow, Scottish Curling Disability Development Officer, 0131 333 3003.

In season 17/18 the Disabled Golf and Curling Club recently welcomed a group of Canadians with a vision impairment for a tour. The Curlers played several games against various clubs throughout the country and hopefully some good links have been made.

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