Final: The Henderson Bishop 2013

The final of the Henderson Bishop 2013 was between last year’s winners Stranraer (Beryl Niven, Gail Munro, Fiona Hardie & Beth Aitken) and Stirling (Janette Wilson, Norma Brown, Margaret Mauchline & Elspeth Johnston).

Stirling got off to a good start lying 4 shots with Gail having to play a double take out and lie. She managed to remove one stone but rolled out giving Stirling a steal of 1 shot. The next 3 ends resulted in singles being exchanged between Stranraer & Stirling making the score 2 – 2. Fifth end Stranraer were lying a single shot well guarded, with Janette having last stone still to play. Janette played a super angled raise to give them a 4. Stirling looked like they were in control of this game. Stranraer took a single in the 6th end. In the 7th end Beryl attempted to draw to the 4 foot  to lie against the Stirling stone, sadly it stayed  wide and allowed Norma the hit and roll behind the guard. Gail then attempted to remove the front stone but caught on the front guard. This gave Janette a chance to promote one of her front stones to take a 3. Stranraer then conceded, and The Henderson Bishop trophy was heading to Stirling. Final score Stirling 9 – 3 Stranraer.







Pictured L- R, Jenny Bain (Royal Club Ladies Branch President), Janette Wilson (skip), Norma Brown (3rd), Margaret Mauchline (2nd), Elspeth Johnston (Lead) and Janet McMillan (Sponsors).

The Low Road final for the Cherrystone was between Lockerbie (Moira Hastings, Anne Smith, Fiona Robson and Linda Smith) and Murrayfield 1 (Susan Kesley, Jenny Barr Fran Stretton, Morna Aitken and Margaret Nicol).

This was a very close game and after 5 ends the score was tied at 4 – 4. Moira needed a rub to slow down her draw for a two, but unfortunately it didn’t happen and left them with a single, giving them a score 5 – 4 to Lockerbie. Murrayfield spent the 7th end replacing a front guard on a single stone lying on the button, Susan’s first stone drew a bit too far leaving a angled double. Moira’s stone drew too much and left the elusive button shot where it was. Susan had the whole house to draw for a 3 but was too heavy, giving them only a 2 making the score Murrayfield 6 – 5. It was down to the last end with Lockerbie having the last stone. A hit on a double by Anne cleared 1 shot but pushed the 2nd stone sideways to sit behind the button behind 3 Lockerbie guards. Susan’s 1st stone drew right onto the shot, leaving Moira to attempt a raise on one of the guards, unfortunately it clipped the wrong guard leaving both stones lying. Susan played her last stone guarding both her shots. Moira attempted  another raise, but only managed to remove 1 of Murrayfield stones and leaving them a single shot. Murrayfield 1 were the winners of the cherrystone with a score of 7-5.







Pictured L-R, Morna Aitken (Lead), Jenny Barr (3rd), Jenny Bain (Royal Club Ladies Branch President), Susan Kesley(skip), Fran Stretton (2nd) and Margaret Nicol (5th player).

Report/Pictures: Ann-Maree Davidson

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