Angie Malone 2015 Athletes in Excellence Award Winner

The Olympic Celebration Tour partners Global Sports Development (GSD) have just announced the 12 recipients of the “2015 Athletes in Excellence Award” – amongst them Angie Malone, who has represented Scotland and Great Britain at both World Championships and Paralympic Games respectively as a wheelchair curling athlete.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development is committed to continuously supporting programs and initiatives that celebrate the athletes who do so much to inspire youth from around the world. In GSD executive board member, David Ulich’s own words, “These athletes consistently give back and motivate those who need it most, representing the true meaning of kindness”

GSD’s Athletes in Excellence Award was created to recognize athletes who have been role models, leaders and champions. The award also looks to honour athletes who promote education and fair play, and who embody the spirit of cooperation, friendship, and development, whilst also giving special attention to enhancing the quality of life in their communities through mentorship and outreach, selected athletes receive an unrestricted grant in the amount of $10,000 to further their service and career goals.

Angie won the award after being nominated by The Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) as GSD recognised her remarkable attributes, as a mentor and role model to disabled people of all ages and athletes within the wheelchair curling program and development pathways, she always puts others before herself.

Paralympic Winter Games 2014, Sochi, Russia, CurlingAngie has demonstrated time and again the ability to give back to her sport and the community around her. She is an original member of the Braehead Wheelchair Curling Club and to this day still gives freely back to the grassroots programmes where she got her first experiences in the sport, regularly helping people onto the ice for the first time and sharing her love for the sport. In her spare time Angie is a “Schools Champion”, visiting schools telling them of her career in curling. Angie is also a Patron of “Ayrshire Sportsability”, a charity that through sport supports and inspires young people with a disability.

Angie is a valued member of the squad as a player, mentor and role model and affects the entire pathway of development from grassroots through elite programs. As a senior member of the wheelchair curling squad Angie is looked-up to by the lesser experienced athletes with respect and trust. She is exemplary in her conduct and conscientious in her preparation on a daily basis and her example is emulated by future aspiring athletes.

Angie is the sort of positive person who sees the glass half full. Despite the adversities and setbacks that she has experienced in her life she is always happy and laughing and has a smile on her face.

For more information on the award, or to find out which other athletes were awarded, please visit the Global Sports Development blog.

Photo © WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik

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