District Medal

Local Clubs enter to compete for a District Medal against a club in the same district, where possible. The matches will be determined by the locality of an ice rink.

2018-2019 Draw

District Medal – Draw 2018-2019

2018-2019 Results – Double Rink

Home Away
Port Glasgow 1 (Waterfront) v University of Dundee 1 (Dundee)
Port Glasgow 2 (Waterfront) v University of Dundee 2 (Dundee)
Evenie Water 1 (Forfar)  5 -v- 7 Dunfermline 1 (Kinross)
Evenie Water 2 (Forfar)  6 -v- 5 Dunfermline 2 (Kinross)
Helensburgh 1 (intu Braehead) v Peniciuk 1 (Murrayfield)
Helensburgh 2 (intu Braehead) v Peniciuk 2 (Murrayfield)
Reform 1 (Greenacres) v Muskateers 1 (Kinross)
Reform 2 (Greenacres) v Muskateers 2 (Kinross)
Forfar 1 (Forfar) v Abdie 1 (Dewars, Perth)
Forfar 2 (Forfar) v Abdie 2 (Dewars, Perth)
Gangrels 1 (Ayr)  3 -v- 9 Midcalder 1 (Murrayfield)
Gangrels 2 (Ayr)  1-v-10 Midcalder 2 (Murrayfield)

2018-2019 Results – Single Rink

Home v Away
Fettercairn (Forfar) v 37 Club (Murrayfield)
Glenrothes (Kinross) v Yester (Murrayfield)
Galston Haymouth (Ayr) v Breadalbane Kenmore (Dewars, Perth)
Barbarians (Murrayfield) v Suttieside (Forfar)
Forret (Kinross) v Scone & Perth (Dewars, Perth)
Millport (Greenacres) 4 -v- 11 Nairn (Inverness)
Athelstaneford (Murrayfield) v Crossmyloof (intu Braehead)
Dundonald (Ayr) 10 -v- 3 Hercules Ladies (Kirkcaldy)
Methven (Dewars Perth) v Greenlaw (Border)
Corstorphine Ladies (Murrayfield) 6 -v- 1 Fothringham (Forfar)
Cathcart Castle (intu Braehead) v Lynedoch Ladies (Dewars, Perth)
Errol (Dewars Perth) v Newport (Forfar)
Letham Grange (Forfar) v Brookfield (Greenacres)
Lees (Border) v Giffnock (intu Braehead)
Inverness (Inverness) v Aberdorn (The Peak, Stirling)
Boswall (Murrayfield) 11 -v- 5 Dunfermline Ladies (Kinross)
Cadder (intu Braehead) v Boreland (Kinross)
Earlston (Border) v Balruddery (Dundee)
Beechnuts (intu Braehead) v Bonnybridge (The Peak, Stirling)
DAFS (Murrayfield) v Panmure (Forfar)
Largs Thistle (Waterfront) v Raith & Abbotshall (Kirkcaldy)
Neilston (Greenacres) v Carrington (Murrayfield)
Aberlady (Murrayfield) 12-v- 2 Aberdour (Kinross)
Troon Portland (Ayr)  3 -v- 9 Markinch (Kirkcaldy)
Haddington (Murrayfield) v Strathendrick (The Peak, Stirling)
Duns (Border) v Buccaneers (The Peak, Stirling)


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