Introduction to Umpiring Course


A one day course designed to give the skills to those wishing to achieve Level 1 and 2 certification after appropriate practical experience, but also offer an insight and greater understanding of the rules of the game for those playing/coaching in events where umpiring is very much ‘part of the game’. There will also be an on ice section for measuring work and game timing.

  1. The Rules of curling and their interpretation.
  2. Use of equipment including radio handsets, stop watches, score sheets etc.
  3. Use of time clocks, stop watches, and record sheets.
  4. Checking of measuring equipment and correct procedures in their use.
  5. Hog line procedures and correct calling of violations.
  6. Code of dress and personal equipment.


  • A new 2018/2019 Rule Book
  • Notebook and pen
  • Stop watch (if possible)
  • Curling shoes and warm jacket for on ice measuring work
  • Please download Curl Time on a laptop and bring to the course

To apply for a place please complete the online form below:

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