Weekend Review: 22nd – 25th September

Gregor Cannon and his Stranraer team of Bobby Lammie, Connor Ballantyne and Mark Munro lifted the trophy for the Lockerbie leg of the Under 17 Slam yesterday with a 7-5 win over Thomas Muirhead in the final of the High Road. The Stranraer side came through Section C undefeated to beat Cameron Bryce in the quarter final and  Lesley Young of Forfar in the semi final while Thomas Muirhead finished top of Section D and defeating Bruce Mouat in the quarter final and Ross Whyte in the other semi final.

The Low Road of the Under 17 Slam was won by Andrew Neilson who defeated Mhairi Paul by 7-6 in a tight final.

At the Radisson Blu Oslo Cup, the Scottish teams fared well in the competition with Jay McWilliam and David Edwards qualifying for the quarter finals before losing out to Niklas Edin and Tom Brewsters sides respectively. Tom Brewster comfortably defeated Kristian Lindstom’s Swedish side in the semi final to progress to their second Curling Champions Tour final of the season so far. Tom and his team of Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow were matched up against Niklas Edin in the final where they lost out by 7 shots to 4.

On the ladies side of the draw, Sarah Reid and her team finished second in their group only losing to the Canadian side skipped by Heather Nedohin. Reid’s side faced the Canadians once again in a tie-breaker but were unable to capture the win, narrowly losing 6-5. Eve Muirhead and her side needed a run of wins to get themselves into the playoff’s and successfully put together the essential wins to book their place in the quarterfinals. Muirhead defeated the Olympic bronze medalists Team Wang of China in the quarter finals before losing out to Team Jennifer Jones in the semi-final. Jennifer Jone’s Canadian side went on to win the competition defeating Margaretha Sigfrigsson in the final.

Team Murdoch have qualified for the quarter finals at the Point Optical The results of the current games and will take on Team Ferbey at 4pm (GMT). To follow the scores and the progress of the competition, go to http://saskcurl.com/

At Kinross over the weekend, the Royal Club Adult Camp took place with 35 participants taking part. The weekend covered all aspects of the game including delivery analysis, sweeping, strategy and technology and equipment. A great opportunity to improve your game at the start of the season.

Featured image: Lockerbie U 17 Winners:  Sue Stevenson, representing the Stevenson family, and Gordon Dinwoodie, representing sponsor, Sport and Trophy Centre, Lockerbie, present winners with trophy L-R: Mark Munro (lead), Gregor Cannon (skip), Bobby Lammie (3rd) and Connor Ballantyne (2nd).

Photo courtesy of Skip Cottage Curling

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