Gibb and Hay O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Champions

The O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Championships finals took place at Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton on Sunday 15th February with Team Gibb (women) and Team Hay (men) being crowned 2015 Scottish Senior Champions.

The O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Women’s Championship Final saw defending champions and 2014 World Women’s Curling Champions Christine Cannon, Margaret Richardson, Isobel Hannen and Janet Lindsay line up against Kay Gibb, Carol Scott, Elinor Ritchie and Margaret Archer (pictured top).

In the fourth end and at a score of 1-1, Christine Cannon faced one opposition stone and lay 2nd and 3rd shots when playing the last stone of the end. Christine attempted a hit for a score of 3 however the stone overcurled, catching a guard and giving up 1 shot.Kay Gibb celebrationThe fifth end saw Team Gibb’s third player Carol Scott play a lovely hit and roll to lie 4 shots and the pressure was really on for Team Cannon. With Christine’s last stone, she faced 3 opposition counters and was marginally heavy, giving Team Gibb a score of 3 to go 5-1 ahead.

The sixth end saw Isobel Hannen play a lovely freeze into the 1 foot followed by lots of stones from both teams into the control zone. With only one stone to play, there was no route for Team Cannon to score 2 and they had to settle for 1 shot.

The seventh end saw Team Gibb execute some great shots from the outset with Carol Scott making a hit and roll into the 4 foot to lie 4 shots. Christine Cannon played a great tap-up however it sat in only second stone position and Team Gibb took 1 to go 6-2 ahead.

2015 OVD Scottish Senior Women Champions Presentation ©Richard GrayTeam Cannon utilised their corner guards well in the eighth end but Team Gibb ran them out of stones to win the 2015 O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Women’s Championship with a final score of 6-2.

Pictured right, the presentations with RCCC Ladies Branch President Mary Anne McWilliam and RCCC President David Henderson.


2015 OVD Scottish Senior Men Champions ©Richard GrayThe O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Men’s Championship Final saw defending champions Keith Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robert Anderson and Tommy Fleming line up against Gordon Muirhead’s team of Norman Brown (2013 Scottish Senior Champion), David Hay (2013 Scottish Senior Champion) and Mike Hay (pictured).

With a score of 2-1 in Team Prentice’ favour in the third end, Keith Prentice split the house with his last stone to lie two shots. Gordon Muirhead (playing last stones for Team Hay) opted to hit and stick but rolled out, giving up a single shot to go 3-1 behind.

The fourth end saw a couple of missed opportunities from both sides and left Gordon Muirhead with only a draw to the 1 foot to score 1. His stone looked like it may just have made it but after careful checking from both vice-skips, it was determined to be another shot to Team Prentice.

Senior men celebrationThe fifth end saw Team Prentice take 1 to go 5-1 ahead and in the sixth end, the house was clear before the last stone and there was some discussion from Team Hay about whether to blank or take 1; they opted to blank in order to retain the last stone advantage for the 7th end.

Team Hay had an uphill battle on their hands but after scoring 1 in the 7th, they played a fantastic 8th end, getting two centre guards up and utilising them well. Keith Prentice faced 4 stones against with his last shot and had to remove two for the Championship win. His stone removed just one opposition counter and the shooter rolled out, giving Team Hay a score of 3 and levelling the game at 5-5; what a turnaround and a great game for the spectators.

2015 OVD Scottish Senior Men Champions Presentation ©Richard GrayThe extra end saw Team Hay utilise their centre guards. With Keith Prentice’s final stone of the game, his only option was a draw to the 1 foot; it was swept all the way and finished resting on Team Hay’s shot, marginally short. It was to be a steal of 1 for Team Hay to secure the 2015 O.V.D. Scottish Curling Senior Men’s Championship.

Pictured left, the presentations with RCCC Ladies Branch President Mary Anne McWilliam and RCCC President David Henderson.


world-curling-federationThe winning Scottish Senior Men’s and Women’s teams will earn the right to represent Scotland at the World Senior Curling Championships which is this year being held in Sochi, Russia from 18-25 April 2015.

PrintThe Royal Caledonian Curling Club would like to thank Scottish Curling Senior Championships sponsors O.V.D. for their valued support at this year’s event.

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Photos: Richard Gray.

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