Loch Leven Wins Scottish Province Championship

Scottish Central -Keir, Loch Leven -K2, Ayrshire -Stewarton Heather and Forth & Endrick –Buccaneers were the brighter teams on Sunday morning, seeing off their opponents and keeping themselves in contention for the Scottish Province Championship.

The semi-finals were both very tight games with Forth & Endrick’s newest club Buccaneers, skipped by Andrew Hemming, making its first ever appearance into the High Road semi-finals. They gave Loch Leven-K2 a good run for their money and with the score even in the last end and with last stone advantage, they opted to clear guards despite lying first shot in the four foot. Loch Leven-K2 managed to get shot stone on top of the tee line with backing from a Forth & Endrick – Buccaneers stone, making it nearly impossible to play a raised take out. Loch Leven-K2 guarded for the remainder of the end and clung onto their counter which gave them a ticket into the final with an 8-7 win.

Scottish Central-Keir and Ayrshire-Stewarton Heather’s semi final game was close with both teams having shared the points in their earlier round-robin game. Ayrshire-Stewarton Heather looked to be heading for a score of 3 in the 4th end but a must-make freeze from skip Lee McCleary saw the Scottish Central team steal 1 instead and level the score at 2-2. Scottish Central-Keir needed to take 2 in the final end to go to an extra end but a marginally heavy final stone into the four foot left Scottish Central –Keir scoring just 1, and it was to 006abe Ayrshire – Stewarton Heather’s team, skipped by David Mundell, to meet Loch Leven-K2 in the final.

The final saw Ayrshire-Stewarton Heather utilising a corner guard and lying four shots at one point in the 2nd end but a double take-out from Loch Leven-K2 limited the score to just 2 and the Loch Leven-K2 team looked relieved. Loch Leven edged ahead scoring duos in the 3rd and 4th ends but Ayrshire’s Stewarton Heather clawed back to take it to 6-6 into the final end. With Ayrshire-Stewarton Heather lying game, the only option for Loch Leven-K2 skip Ross McCleary was to play a cross-house double which he played inch perfectly for the win and The Scottish Province Championship title.

Winning the Low Road of the Scottish Province Championship was Renfrewshire with a 5-4 win over Stirlingshire

Low Road

President of the RCCC, Billy Howat presented all prizes.

Top Image, High Road Winners: Gavin Baird, Ross McCleary (skip), Alan Manuel and John Furey
Second Image, High Road Runners up: Fiona Reid, David Reid, Craig Reid and David Mundell (skip)
Bottom left, Low Road Winners: Steve McNab, Drew Gemmell, William Smith (skip) and Walter Miller.
Bottom right, Low Road Runners up: Les Goodfellow, Billy Johnston, John Davie (skip) and Neil Murray.

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