Strength and Conditioning

It is now widely accepted that fitness through strength and conditioning and cardio vascular workouts is a key component in a curling athlete’s training programme. The demands of a multi game weekend competition and, in the case of a World Championship, a week long competition demand a high level of physical preparedness.

At the bottom of the page is a guide created by Ryan King at sportscotland that can be taken into any gym or fitness centre and will be easily understood by the staff who can assist you in doing these exercises using the correct posture and body movements. Ryan oversees the S&C Programme for all the Performance Curling Athletes so is very experienced in what is required for Curling Fitness.

Curling on a regular basis without a fitness programme means that one side of your body is stronger than the other and it is important that you work all the main muscle groups to counteract this. Shoulder and upper body strength is vital for Sweeping and lower body strength is vital for a good Delivery technique. Core strength and overall flexibility are also very important.

Strength and Conditioning Guidelines

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