Warm Up and Cool Down

It is vital that before and after a game you warm up and cool down. This is to ensure you raise your body temperature by 1 degree which warms your muscles and the deep breathing oxygenates the blood. As well as allowing you to start the game physically and mentally prepared it is a big factor in injury prevention. Every physiotherapist who ends up working on a curling athlete asks if they warmed up properly before the game and in almost all cases the injury was caused by a failure to do so!

Cooling down after a game stretches the muscles so they don’t tighten up due to rapid cooling down after the exertion of a game and also drops the body temperature to normal and removes any lactic acid remaining in the muscles.

Warming ups and cool downs should become a natural part of your pre-game and post-game routine. Done with your team mates also gives time together at the start and end of a game to “get into the zone” and “get your competition head on”.

Print off the following Warm up and Cool Down Routine which has been created by Maggie Bush who is the Physio for the Performance Curling Programme and which is used by all Performance Curling Athletes before every training session and game.

Warm up and Cool Down Routine

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