Whether you are interested in becoming a qualified umpire or wish to learn more about the rules and this aspect of the game, this section will cater for all.

Historically curling has been a game of camaraderie where established rules were written and the “spirit of the game” was the enforcing agent.  For many years curling was played without umpires and it was rare to see an official on the ice at any level of curling except for the occasional measuring of stones.  However as the game has developed the role of the umpire has become an important part of many competitions, not solely to apply the rules but also in the organisation and running of those events.

Umpire training being given

Umpire Training

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Umpiring Committee : Information on the Umpiring Committee remit, members and representatives, minutes of meetings.

Umpiring Development: Details of the Umpire Development Programme and how to become an umpire or how to just learn more about the rules.

Umpiring Calendar : A calendar of training courses and meetings, as well as appointments to the season’s events.

Umpiring Updates : Relevant updates for information sharing and communication.

Umpiring Toolbox: Click on the link for all required forms, which can be downloaded by umpires to use for competitions.


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