Team Brewster are Go Coco Scottish Curling Champions

The Men’s Final of the Go Coco Scottish Curling Championships took place at a sold-out Dewars Centre, Perth on Saturday 20th February with Team Brewster taking the 2016 Scottish Curling Men’s Championship title. Team Brewster will now represent Scotland at the World Men’s Curling Championship in Basel, Switzerland, 2nd – 10th April.

The Brewster v Murdoch final started with a straight forward first end, resulting in a blank. The teams were still struggling to find the speed of the ice, but the addition of some guards made for a more interesting second end, however it still resulted in Brewster blanking the end.

With his last stone in the third David Murdoch played a hack weight take out around the centre guard, it was mostly hidden and Tom Brewster attempted to blank the end but although he removed the Murdoch counter, he wasn’t able to roll out and took a one shot lead.

MURDOCHThe fourth end was more of an on-going battle than previous ends, with both teams playing good shots and having stones in play. With Brewster lying two after his last stone, and a double impossible due to a guard, Murdoch was content to hit and lie for a one.

Team Brewster seemed to have the edge right from the start of the fifth end, with lots of stones in the house. Team Murdoch were hitting, but Brewster kept managing to replace them. With Murdoch’s last stone he managed to take out one of the three red counters Brewster had lying in the house, however he didn’t manage a roll, so it was a straight hit for Tom Brewster to secure three, meaning he was leading 4-1 by the half time break.

In the sixth Brewster got stones in the house early on, but Murdoch didn’t let it faze him and by skips stones there were two yellows and two reds in the house, with Murdoch lying shot. Tom played a hit and roll to sit shot in the four foot, David managed to bump it back but left the option for a double. Brewster made the double, and left three sitting, forcing Murdoch to draw for one.

The seventh end saw Murdoch use his last stone to guard his yellow which was lying shot, but Brewster managed to take the double and score one.

David Murdoch set up the eighth end with corner guards, but Team Brewster wanted to keep it clean, and peeled them out. A tricky end for Murdoch left him looking at Brewster lying two stones, and was again forced to draw for one.

Brewster went into the ninth looking confident, hoping to keep it clean again. Ross Paterson managed to get rid of two of the three Murdoch guards with his first stone, and the third with his second, leaving one red and one yellow stone in the house, Tom Brewster opted to blank the end rather than take one and give away the hammer.

CHAMPSIn the tenth end Murdoch was hoping to leave Brewster a draw, as Tom hadn’t yet played one. David only managed to get two into the house with his stones however, leaving Tom to remove one, and lose one in the end, in order to win the game 5-4 overall.

All line scores from the Championships are available at: 2016 Go Coco Scottish Curling Championships

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Photos: Brian Battensby


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