Team Bryce Wins Scottish Mixed Championship

Nine teams, split over two sections competed in the round-robin stages of the Scottish Curling Mixed Championship over the weekend 27 – 29 March 2015.

The last of the round robin games saw team Waddell (Craig Waddell, Heather Morton, Cammy Smith and Jodie Milroy) top section A with team Bryce (Cameron Bryce, Katie Murray, Bobby Lammie and Sophie Jackson pictured top right)  in second spot. Section B was rather different with 3 teams Brewster, Craik and Hardie, tied on 2 wins and 1 loss. With each having lost to one of the others the LSD average rankings had to be used. Team Brewster (Tom Brewster, Kim Brewster, Duncan Menzies and Karen Barthelmy) topped the ranking with Team Hardie and Craik having to play a tie breaker, which team Hardie won in a keenly fought game.

Team Hardie (Grant Hardie, Rowena Kerr, Blair Fraser and Abi Brown) met team Waddell in the semi-final  which saw team Waddell take a 4 – 1 lead after 4 ends but lost a 3 in the 5th end to tie the game. Waddell took a 1 in the 6th and stole a 1 in the 7th for a 2 shot lead going into the last end and with Hardie only scoring a 1, team Waddell made the final.

In the other semi-final team Bryce met team Brewster. In a very competitive close game with Brewster taking a single to finish the 8th end all square and go into an extra end. With Bryce having last stone advantage and Brewster lying 2 in with 1in the 4 foot and guarded Bryce played a magnificent angled raise double on Brewster’s stones to blank the end and force a second extra end.  Another close end and with stones in platy Brewster drew with his last stone but Bryce played a controlled take out take the single required.

Team Bryce’s dominant form continued in the final when he played Waddell. Waddell blanked the first and took a 2 in the 2nd end. Bryce blanked the 3rd and with a superb split took a 5 in the 4th and then stole a 1 in the 5th for a 6 -2 lead. Waddell fought back with a 2 in the 6th but with Bryce scoring another 1 in the 7th and then keeping the 8th end clear Waddell conceded the game  at 4 – 7 down with 2 stones left to play.

Photograph: © Brian Battensby


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