World Championship Playoff – Men’s Draw 3 Match Report

The Men’s World Championship Playoff went to a decisive third game series after a strong comeback in the second game kept Team Smith in contention.

Team Mouat performed well under early pressure with Skip Bruce Mouat drawing for 1 against 2. Olympian Kyle Smith missed an early opportunity for 2 coming up short on a draw. He scored 1 to tie the game. With the help of a double run double by Bobby Lammie, Team Mouat established a two point lead, a lead that was never to be relinquished.

A rare mix-up in the fourth end saw Team Mouat third, Grant Hardie too keen to throw meaing that Team Mouat were throwing out of rotation. This left Bobby Lammie to deliver the final stone. The second seized his moment in the limelight converting a draw to score 2 which was met with cheers by the crowd and discussions of his career as a potential new skip by the commentators.

In the fifth end Team Mouat successfully to split the house but Kyle Smith managed to place a stone in the centre behind a guard to challenge Bruce Mouat, who sneaked around the guard, tapped the stone back and scored 3 to increase his lead to a comfortable 6-2 heading into the break.

Both teams used the break to regroup which lead to a war of attrition in the sixth end with Team Smith drawing under pressure for a single.

Team Mouat’s continued their impressive form which allowed them to take the Scottish title with precise shooting leading to a tap back on a buried stone by Kyle Smith to score 3 and cement an unassailable 9-3 lead in the seventh.

With the game all but over Team Mouat played defensive peel shots to deny their opponents any chance any chance back into the game through a sizeable score. Acknowledging the writing was on the wall Team Smith gracefully offered handshakes at the end on the eighth end bringing the playoff to a close in Team Mouat’s favour.

Bruce Mouat and his team: Hammy McMillan, Bobby Lammie and Grant Haride will now compete at the World Curling Championship in LasVegas between 31st March – 8th April.

When asked about their thoughts heading into their first World Championship Skip Bruce Mouat said:

“We’ll not be nervous to play anyone. We’ve got Dave Murdoch coming with us who is very experienced and we’ve got Hammy who’s played World Championships, so we’ll see how we get on but I feel quite confident”

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