Historical Curling Places

The project into mapping historical curling places across the British Isles has its own website at www.historicalcurlingplaces.org

Historical Curling Places

The genesis of this project lies with David Smith, who trawled through many old archives, annuals and minute books to create a list of Scottish Curling Places. That initial list was turned into a database and via that database into a map. Since then, many more places have been ‘discovered’ and added to the database.
Subsequently, this mapping exercise expanded beyond Scotland, and a database & map for England was created. A number of Welsh locations were uncovered, and even more recently a number of places in Ireland, and these have also been added to the database. 
Currently, the core project team consists of Lindsay Scotland, Harold Forrester and Bob Cowan, but there are many other contributors. See the website for more details.

At the present time (23/10/16), the current situation is that there are 2517 recorded places in the database, of which 2015 have been located precisely, 297 have been located less precisely, and 115 are unlocated. For a full list of historical curling places and also a map displaying all the locations go to the historical curling places website.

If you have any knowledge of historical curling places not in the database (or indeed if you have further information about places that are!),  please contact Lindsay Scotland here by email. That way the database can be made as accurate as possible.

Finally, you can click here to go to David Smith and Bob Cowan’s Curling History Blog.

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